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The Foundation

The KBF is dedicated to eliminating racial disparities that permeate the "Justice System"

16 - Ghost of Kalief Browder [Explicit].Kalief Browder
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"Good mental health can improve people's enjoyment, coping skills, and relationships, educational achievement, employment, housing and economic potential, help reduce physical health problems, ease healthcare and social care costs, build social capital, and decrease suicides."

About The KBF


The KBF works to dismantle the system(s) that keep poor disenfranchised communities mentally, physically and emotionally in the struggle.
About Us


To utilize social justice discussions, civic engagement programs and mental health awareness to engage, empower and motivate narrative change within urban communities


Our strategies support youth and young adults, typically in middle/ high school and college, who are 'At Risk' and negatively impacted by systemic oppression. The KBF offers mitigation support, advocacy and consultation in a full circle approach.

We aim to enhance the youth's social emotional learning skills through critical thinking exercises, relationship building lessons, mentoring through narrative change and skill building.
The KBF aims to encourage the role of leaders for systems change. Listening to the community and its needs allowed us to develop a curriculum that speaks directly to the necessities that our youth and young adults face day to day. The criminalization of poverty, race and trauma has held our poor communities in its grips far too long for us to not find a way out.  
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2019 - KBF

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We would love to hear from you with your concerns, questions, even your story. Leave your information so we can get back to you. We are working on alternatives to help de-carcerate our communities, ways to keep our neighborhoods engaged and help for those with mental disorders. We want to hear from you! 


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